The Fitness Nurse Consultant
A complete package and solution for today's ever-growing 'unhealthy' population
"You were born to be a success; but you are programmed to stay where you are" ~David Neagle
Another favorite quote of mine.
"I'm starting from the very, very beginning.  You've made it very easy and comfortable for me to follow the steps of getting clear and getting started as a new fitness nurse.  I am, of course, scared... but knowing that you're there to guide me with the right tools to be successful... I am more excited and ready to share my fitness & nursing message with my ideal clients in my niche.  Which thankfully I have identified (with your help).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this weekend!
I'm ready to get started!"  
~Nicole Thomas, RN   

45 minute Private FNC
Discovery Session
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This is a long time to spend on the phone with nurses who aren't serious.  

Warning!  This is NOT a "brain-picking" session.  
And yes, I am that confident that your idea is NOT something I want to steal... 
you have to tell somebody. 
I'd be more than happy to give you some sure fire tips to start your FNC practice, by doing freelance work. 
(Examples: We'll talk about if you need fitness certifications and how to narrow your target market in a highly competitive field, insurance, your possible USP training, etc.)

Click to the right to have a 30-45 minute FNC discovery session.  Let's talk about your FN idea and it's viability sooner rather than later! 

Licensed Nurses passionate about  
 fitness, interested in 
freelance work 
  • You must already know you want to work for yourself and have a Fitness Nursing idea. If you need to be convinced that this is your path and you're not willing to do whatever is necessary to "start your own thing" than this is not for you
  • You must attempt to "Pick ONE Thing!"...your one thing
  • You take the initiative and contact me for a discovery session below 
This site is for that rare nurse who's got a FN idea and wants private mentoring on how to structure, market & sell it. (See USP training)

 Why is this nurse smiling?
She's going to honor her knowledge the best ways she knows how - through her passion for fitness and 'calculated' prevention.  
I ask you to ask yourself, 
"Who can I help the most?"  
​& What's your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition)
"To know and to NOT do; is to NOT know" ~ Bruce Lee    A favorite quote of mine
What you do also has to serve YOU! Or you're destined to be unfulfilled and miserable. 

Ever feel tossed around like an empty water bottle? Think you're done with the nursing system? Want to 
re-invent yourself and recycle your skills and life experience 
Then why not visit the 
Recycled Nurse Blog?  
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This is NOT for every nurse interested in fitness. 
Just the action takers!