The Fitness Nurse Consultant
A complete package and solution for today's ever-growing 'unhealthy' population
"You were born to be a success; but you are programmed to stay where you are" ~David Neagle
Another favorite quote of mine.
  The only way to get more information about creating your own Signature Fitness Nursing Program
  is to schedule a discovery session with me.  I will no longer actively promote Fitness Nurse
  Consulting.  I will continue to work with those nurses who contact me and want continued private

  If you are new to this site and want assistance please schedule a discovery session below for
  about 30-45 minutes.  There is no obligation.

What's Fitness Nurse Consulting?

Fitness Nurse Consulting is the practice of combining your fitness training and nursing skills by delivering your Signature Fitness Nursing program/service to people who are at varying levels of deteriorating health, (they are still very able to move and exercise), particularly those who are 'at-risk'. Fitness Nurse Consulting promotes cash-based program/services to targeted individuals who need assistance with exercise to improve outcomes and deliver clients' desired results.  You can add whatever type of exercise you choose.  It's your program, your "baby"; let's design your DREAM program, not just any program...your DREAM program!

The goal of is to help nurses who are READY to find your compelling story and message and improve the marketing skills of freelance/self-employed health & fitness nurses to create distinction and a Unique Value Position (UVP) of what each you do... to better serve specific clients with your specific solution. 

We all will enhance, in our clients, the functional levels and a sense of well being, maintain independence and to create a life long commitment to exercise and self-care and to become healthier as they go through life (in conjunction with other health care professionals).  But know, that only in specificity and consistent value, will you get people's attention and get them to trust you at the level to listen, act and afford your well-deserved fees.

Remember to all of you, nurses, who want to step out and help people, if you are having trouble getting clients, you're probably too general in your message, trying to help/please everyone, by starting out with "I'm a nurse with 23 years experience" and/or "I help people 'get healthier' or 'find balance' in their lives", it's blah, blah, blah to the prospective client who is bombarded with these same, uninspiring messages daily... and no one will turn over their hard-earned cash to you. (Not in the amounts you deserve) Find out what works.
"I'm starting from the very, very beginning.  You've made it very easy and comfortable for me to follow the steps of getting clear and getting started as a new fitness nurse.  I am, of course, scared... but knowing that you're there to guide me with the right tools to be successful... I am more excited and ready to share my fitness & nursing message with my ideal clients in my niche.  Which thankfully I have identified (with your help).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this weekend!
I'm ready to get started!" 
~Nicole Thomas, RN  
If you're already pushing through, why not push in the direction you want to go?
The services are offered HERE:

  • Private mentoring for RN's/LPN/LVN's interested in developing, marketing & delivering their own Signature Fitness Nursing program to targeted clients* ("Where do I start?" is answered)

*After completion of your mentoring sessions, you can use the initials FNC™, for Fitness Nurse Consultant, after your name freely.
45 minute Private FNC
Discovery Session
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Licensed Nurses passionate about 
fitness, interested in freelance work
  • You must already know you want to work for yourself and have a Fitness Nursing idea. If you need to be convinced that this is your path and you're not willing to do whatever is necessary to "do your own thing" than this is not for you
  • You must attempt to
             "Pick ONE Thing!"

...your one thing
  • You take the initiative and contact me for a discovery session below
This site is for that rare nurse who's got a FN idea and wants private mentoring on how to structure, market and sell it

Why is this nurse smiling?
She's made a decision to honor her
nursing & life experience the best ways she knows how - through her love for
fitness and health improvement. 
We ask you to ask yourself,
"Who can I help the most?" 
for Current Fitness Nursing services
"To know and to NOT do; is to NOT know" ~ Bruce Lee   A favorite quote of mine
What you do also has to serve YOU! Or you're destined to be unfulfilled and unhappy.
Don't have "formal" fitness training? Ever feel tossed around like an empty water bottle? Done with the nursing system? Want to
re-invent yourself and recycle your skills, then teach others how to improve their health, reduce waists & medications while using a
5-Step FIXIT! System 
Click Here.
Read about Fix It! Fitness Nurses & our 5-Step FIXIT! System
This is NOT for every nurse interested in fitness.