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"You were born to be a success; but you are programmed to stay where you are" ~David Neagle
Another favorite quote of mine.
(Formerly fitnessnursing.com)
"I'm starting from the very, very beginning.  You've made it very easy and comfortable for me to follow the steps of getting clear and getting started as a new fitness nurse.  I am, of course, scared... but knowing that you're there to guide me with the right tools to be successful... I am more excited and ready to share my fitness & nursing message with my ideal clients in my niche.  Which thankfully I have identified (with your help).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this weekend!
I'm ready to get started!"  
~Nicole Thomas, RN   

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"To know and to NOT do; 
   is to NOT know"
~ Bruce Lee    
A favorite quote of mine

Why is this nurse smiling?  
She's actually HAPPY, not bored.
Well, she's making money creating fads that actually help people to TAKE ACTION & start SOMETHING!
What you do also has to serve and support YOU! Or you're destined to be unfulfilled and miserable. 
Why is this nurse smiling? 
Why FADS?!
People like Fads…
Instead of looking at the fad as bad and “gimmicky” (which it can be), and no merit… if you are in business to make money - you must - learn from those before you - about what gets the public’s (or a sector of the public’s) attention when it comes to fitness & wellness.
It’s so competitive out there. So many angles to work with.

As a Nurse, a Nurse passionate about fitness & wellness, it is your duty to get your client’s attention on your message or health issue you are passionate about. They may know about it or they may not be aware of it or even care.
The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to do what works to get their attention.

Broccoli & grilled chicken with quinoa combined with strength training may be great for you, but if your audience doesn't care or isn't hearing you, then that same old message, even if it's as good as gold... is knowledge that remains inside of you... it doesn't get people to act nor to buy your products/services.

I’ve studied a lot of marketing and I have great mentors. 
One is the GREAT LISA SASEVICH!  I met Lisa in Las Vegas. 
More than magnificent.  She was and is inspiring! 
When I saw Lisa on the web just a few days ago and she was kickin' it 
with class, style and just such a motivator with her great stuff... I had to 
pull her "Speak to Sell" program off the shelf and now I'm back with 
what I was meant to do.  Thanks again Lisa.  "I'm picking your horse!"
Anyway they ALL say (all my mentors) that - without 
getting their attention… you’re dead… as for making any money. 
Not even an impact. 
(A.I.D.A. = an early marketing term, look it up if you don't know it :)

If you are saying the same message, even if it's "common sense" and 
best for a "LIFESTYLE CHANGE", your peeps won't hear you.  
Regardless of where you studied and what you know.  I call it the "Curse of Knowledge".**
The fitness industry knows this.

Nursing is a part of who I am, so I will incorporate my nursing experiences and skills in the fitness, wellness & health market.  This where I will sell my services.  
Notice I said market, not industry. You define your own "fitness nursing market", within the larger fitness & wellness market and see if anybody "bites"... if so... then you can make great money.  But you have to get their attention first! 

If you are licensed nurse who has a passion for fitness and you can understand this concept, then let's create your own program (fad)!  (Start your program now!)

My goal is to get your clients to experience a Short Term Win (STW) which statistically brings about a lasting change rather than what fear, force and facts do. (Change or Die, A. Deutschman) The "feeling of change" has staying power over the "knowledge of change".

So, how do we get their attention to think about exercising again…with Fads.
Fads are short term fitness/diet programs that 
serve a specific goal of a targeted group.

Imagine this…

Aunt Mary has yo-yo dieted (fads) for 15 years. She’s heavier than ever. She says, “I’m, never dieting again. They don’t work” is her official opinion. Plus she’s seen on at least on 3 media venues how “diets don’t work”, so it’s official and she feels validated in her “quitting” her diet.
Then she hears at the salon about 2 women who are doing this “Bigger booty; smaller booty” workout. She asks about it and soon, sure enough, there’s talk of the diet involved. But it sounds too good to be true, eat deep fried chicken and still lose weight?
What’s Aunt Mary doing? 
Not what's Aunt Mary thinking… but doing? She’s getting the information about how to get it.
It’s done. 
She didn’t have time to “think” about it. She wanted it. Her mind was already made up and she was ready 
to buy.

That’s what Fads do.
They excite us.
We want to “prove” them wrong
It’s all good. I feel the same way. That’s my point. They work for so many people because they get attention. Please keep in mind -  I am not advocating recklessness nor bizarre programs. We will be safe.

Let’s use Aunt Mary's curiosity to our advantage. 

Aunt Mary get’s on my email list. And buys my Bigger Booty; Smaller BootyWorkout.
I may or may not hear from Aunt Mary again. But I may.
What if it was enough to get her started?
What if she's told someone else about it and it got them up off their ass.
It is really such a “bad thing”? I still use my shake weight and thighmaster and I just came off a "fast".  
O.K., I regularly fast. 

Well is this exciting you some?... I hope so, 'cause I am looking for 20 nurses. 

Only 20 nurses passionate about fitness and getting people started on your program you have in your head or maybe it's already written? 

I want to work with 20 special nurses who are interested in fitness and who not only want to teach your exercise/diet programs, but want to create your own persona. You want to create your own program with your ideas with your professional skills and personal research and your personal touch. 
You want to become a “local celebrity” in your own backyard - AND - on the internet (it’s possible but not a requirement)

Still not convinced... here's more on FADS!

People don’t want facts, fear and force.
They want FADS.
Yes, you heard me right - FADS.  
They may not openly admit it but… they do.
I’ve joined the, “If you can’t beat ‘em; join ‘em” and the, “Can’t fight City Hall” clubs.
You give people want they want… and they will buy.
And they WANT FADS.

Don’t believe me?

Ever hear of:
Tae Bo, Spinning, Zumba, The Lotte Berk Method, Yogalates, ab rollers, step aerobics, Cross fit, Tabata,
MMA fitness, Slim in 6, 21-Day fix or ANY Beach Body product, 7-Minute Abs, bar workouts, Dancing with the Oldies, 6-Week Body Makeover, Thighmaster, bootcamps, etc. and anything from Russia. 

And let’s look at some so-called diet “fads”: All a version of low something or another.

The Beverly Hills diet, Jared's "Subway Diet", The Scarsdale diet, The bread & butter diet (yes, I have this and tried it), Mediterranean diet, Paleo versions, various calorie restrictions, Atkins diet, Skinny Bitch diet, cabbage soup diet, The HCG diet, various shakes, bars and pills, etc. and various flushes and detoxes. 

People may say, “That’s just a fad.” But these same people will be first in line to buy it off the shelf or order it off the internet. Most of the time when people have bad things to say about fads, 
it's because they have “sour grapes”. (Aesop's Fable: The Fox & the Grapes)
They are the academics and politically correct diet dictocrats who will say, “Fads are never for long term and can be unhealthy and harmful”.
My response, “Yep, they’re right.  But so can medicine, a massage, chiropractic and getting your tooth extracted” But fads can also get people started and some to stick with it.  How many people still "spin" and do shakes and detoxes, long after that particular "hype" has died down. 
Some folks may need a nurse to monitor them.  People will always do FADS and there will always be FADS in fitness! 

And this is what the public says too... 

As soon as they are away from that "preachy" healthcare professional, they turn to "Joe Trainer" and ask, "what's the quickest way to get rid of this?"

Who hasn’t heard that they should eat boneless skinless grilled chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli, mini-meals 5-6 times a day? (grazing, it's questionable)
Or walking everyday. (usually not hard enough)
When you exercise at the gym, do 3-5 days a week cardio, 2 days a week or alternating days for strength training. (poor form)

Why hasn’t this taken hold with Aunt Mary who wants to rid her "muffin top"?
Because it’s boring.  It lacks personality, excitement... It lacks you and your persona.  PEOPLE BUY YOU.
That message is just not sophisticated enough anymore.  
Even though it may be true, safe and factual.  Nobody wants to pay for it.

Exercise and dieting is tough, so people are attracted to sensationalism and short term results… Not prevention.
I'll say it again - Not prevention and what “might” happen to improve their “health” (health and prevention are both too abstract).

Do you think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know basically what’s “bad” for their health. What people feel is good for them to eat is about what they are comfortable eating.  
They want more "glitter and glamour" than that old, yet true message, of eat a boring diet and exercise a lot.  Sad but true.

But what if they still need help following through on the message that you are sending, 
you must change something and 
you must get their attention FIRST, 
so they don’t tune out your message. 

The ever-changing “evidence-based” studies (I hate those two words) 
hasn’t help people to listen to the food & fitness academics’ (dictocrats) 
health-ridden messages either.  
ie: Egg yolks and cholesterol. Need I say more? 
Political correctness doesn't belong in nutrition.
They (diet dictocrats) can’t even get it right with PhD.’s and they’re boring to boot. 
They need to stay in front of students forced to listen to their endless research.
The best nutrition information I got was from my Nana, not gov't officials nor those 
who studied way too much to tell me "my Nana is wrong".   
My Nana would never lie to me.   

If you want to make money for yourself doing this, you must first understand that 
the public (not a student) doesn’t have to listen to your message regardless how 
many studies say it’s “evidenced-based” in your factual, abstract, same old message.
And you will go broke trying to force facts on them so YOU can feel better. 

You should do this:
1.Get their attention first with your persona and 
2.get “on point” with your message and how it makes your targeted audience feel 
3.it’s only for a specific audience you want to serve and get results

So you’ve read this far…
Do you want to create a fitness program that you can sell anywhere, speak on, teach at gyms and clubs and privately?
In the "NOT Your Mother's Booty!: The Bigger Booty Smaller Booty Workout" guide I have created a sample workout and diet for you to use as a model (in my GSD Partay F.A.D.S.S. training for Nurses passionate about fitness), NOT to copy word for word PLEASE!

This is what you will discover on the next weekend training (in May) BUT get step 1 here at No COST by: registering for the April webinar:  
I started with Black women who (blank)  also have (blank)... (they may not care so much about this… but I do) They also want to eat (blank)...  (Today it's all women over 40)

  • What can be assumed about their behavior? What's my personal experience?
  • They get to decide for themselves if they want a bigger butt or a smaller butt (Why this is very important)
  • Have a workout(s) and exercises recommended for both outcomes I have a “Minky’s Fried Chicken diet” plan - Why? (the chicken is really deep fried, there is a caveat that I reveal BEFORE they buy)
  • Have bonus information, like my 2-Pack Abs bonus chapter (the importance of this)
  • Get their BP and BS numbers at a minimum (if in person, I do this) What's best for you as a nurse to monitor.
  • Come up with a “hooky” name for my program and a persona for me (steps that I used to come up with a "hooky" name)
  • I have tried and tested my program on myself and (maybe) others too (YOU MUST DO THIS!)

With a persona - Let's start out helping you think about what means something to you - BUT – it's also compelling and interesting to your targeted audience. It should get their attention.  Something that flows easy to remember.  It can be your actual name or nickname.  (This not the name of your fitness program) 

I happen to have developed a logo. But don't worry about logos so much.  They may change.
Just starting out you can use a photo of you.

Mine is "Minky".
A nickname. A term of endearment. Kind of sexy & sultry.  I like and do body weight exercises and I like Pilates and kickboxing.  My logo was created by my honey who calls me "Minky". Actually he said, “You’re such a hot little Minky!”

Here’s the original drawing:                                                             Here's the logo today:                                                     

A FAD: noun – style, craze, quirk, fit, popular, innovation, fantasy, vogue, passing, latest thing, (all the) rage, humor…

Opposite of FAD – 
Conventional practice. Boring.

I help nurses interested in fitness/diet create & deliver your own Fitness Fad and become that local Fitness Nurse celebrity in your own backyard. 
Get noticed, get trusted, get paid, doing what you love!

When I say people buy you. (Jeb Blount) Here’s what I mean:
I’m funny with my clients.
I swear. I can be sarcastic.
I'm not politically correct.
I "dish it out"... but I can also take it.
They expect to laugh.  
When they actually say to me, “Minky, I’m not laughing today. I just want to get this workout over with.”
Within 5-7 minutes of our warm-up and into the workout, they find themselves smiling and then laughing.  
I can’t help it… I’m a comedienne. (besides laughing is great for the abs, the transversus to be specific!)
So no matter what I produce - guides, programs, books, shows – My personality is the constant. 

My style and delivery that make results. That’s what people really pay for.  
So don’t put a lid on it. Be yourself and create your “fad”.

Create a fitness program/product that will change one person for the better (through movement).
Your style may be more reserved than mine or you are more like a drill sergeant, that’s fine. There are people out there who will want that and who will try your program/ Fad.

Truth is, for what needs to be done, there is a large learning curve that varies, but can be shortened with action and inspiration.
This will only allow me to mentor a few of you. 
That few who know what you want and you want to do your own program and market it.
I can’t afford to do the road of certifications and extra "initials" competition within nursing anymore and neither can you.  It's too costly.  Why? 

The market likes speed.

While your getting your head filled up with more book knowledge, your fitness competition is already making money with an idea you had before you started your degree/certification course. It's about confidence, not certifications and degrees.  If you didn't have the confidence to step out and market your FN idea before the extra certs and degrees, you won't have it after and you may begin to suffer the "Curse of Knowledge"** - that entitlement feeling we all get when we just finish a certification or degree.
(Especially within Nursing.  So, we are not marketing to other nurses in academia nor are we asking for their approval to work in the fitness & wellness markets, think of the Aunt Mary's of the world who need your help NOW!!!) 

You can create FADS for your people with specific problems or those who just want to try something new.  Think about what makes you buy a fitness (and yes, diet) product.  Now do it without "the curse of knowledge". It may still be the same choice, but likely it will not. 
You should watch trends, watch what people around you say, what they wish for... then apply THAT to your knowledge.  It's not so easy.  It takes practice. So, let's get started. 
I know you have it inside you to help people change and improve their health and appearance through exercise.
Don't you want your clients/patrons to enjoy and get excited and talk it up?... YOUR Fitness program!  (If you feel you want/need certification in fitness click here)
You will get great information when you study the context (how I do things) of my work by getting the "NOT Your Mother's Booty: The Bigger Booty; Smaller Booty Workout" for yourself:

As a Fitness Nurse Consultant - 
I believe it's our duty to help people do enough exercise to make a change.  Do you see exercise as the starting point and the tipping point AND common denominator for changed behavior?  But in order to do that, we have to GET THEIR ATTENTION FIRST!  Then the REAL work begins.
Let's put an end to people going to the gym and even after a YEAR, they feel & look the same.  
That's CRAZINESS!  (No wonder there's such high attrition in gyms)

Hi, I'm Minky. I do Freelance work as a Fitness Nurse Consultant™ and The Joking Fitness Nurse.  (So, you know your work with me will be fun) I create what I sometimes call "side hustles" to make extra money. It's another way of saying freelancing.

I create fads (programs) for a targeted group who border on a health condition or who want monitoring during the program. (Some titles of my STW fads: The Minky Way, Your Unique Body Temple, 
Shakin' N Bakin' Pilates, Systas Pilates, "Minky's 555 Plan: 5 oils, 5 exercises, (?) inches in 5 weeks", 
Ghetto Kickboxing, "Bones of Steel" exercise videos and classes and a few more over the years)

Do you suffer from the "Curse of Knowledge"** AND think FADS are a waste of time and your knowledge is "ABOVE" "fads"... then you're probably broke in your efforts to make money as a nurse who wants to make money in fitness & wellness markets - 'cause - your stuff is boring and is the same old rhetoric and general advice.  You're probably forcing facts and using fear on people. 
It doesn't mean what you are promoting is wrong - just no one cares about it, like you do.... 
Discover how to use that great knowledge that you've acquired in a way that "resonates" with what people want, not what you think (or even know) they need.

You must decide if you are in the nursing (healthcare) industry or fitness (physical appearance, health) market and then utilize both skills and experiences accordingly (to what you want to do).  This site is for nurses looking to enter the fitness market - many options; yet not the nursing industry - which is looking for a job.  (We are leaving the nursing market and the nursing industry, but will always be a nurse)  

If you are already in the fitness industry (working in a job) or consulting for yourself as a personal trainer, you should immediately recognize the "do or die" importance of creating Fads and getting the attention of your targeted audience.  If this sounds like you and you want to create/promote your own FN program (fad), get on MINKY'S LIST above in the opt-in box and then come back to discover some more tips below... 
Just a side note, "Soap Box" moment:

What I see too many nurses do is go into something for the certification, thinking that's all they need to be successful. Then there ends up being a lot of nurses with training in "knowledge" of a subject (nutrition, yoga, fitness, coaching, etc.) but the message they are sending is not getting through to people and they go broke or stay where they are. They have initials; but no clients or contracts. 
I’m more into making profit first. Let's test your idea first and see if people want it, if it turns any heads... then I know you can make money to help serve your causes, being free and having fun. 
I feel that the road I want to be on is – first, being paved while I’m driving on it and second – it’s towards “generating interest; NOT forcing facts” on people.
I believe in the “The Curse of Knowledge”.** (Made to Stick, Chip & Dan Heath) Most healthcare professionals suffer from this when trying to relay a message. Yet aren’t aware or don’t care. 

Because if you know what you know, you can’t imagine not knowing it and definitely can’t imagine others “not knowing it either”. This is not about “dumbing down” or necessarily being simplistic. It’s about getting other people to care about what you care about.  In a way that's concrete and can be passed on to others.
Don't think Mission Statement; Think Proverb!

Prices and download coming soon!
Here's my latest "fad"...
Email Marketing You Can Trust
Get on it!  C'mon GET ON MINKY'S LIST -APRIL is the next date - get details (day/time,etc.) as soon as you sign up! 
You can unsubscribe at any time.
* Your email will NEVER be given out, used or sold to    another party.
     O.K. Nurses passionate about fitness!  If you really want to make money in the fitness market, NOT 
     nursing industry, you MUST accept that the word "FAD" is synonymous with a "new" product or new idea.  
     It's never about how long it will last... It's about getting ONE person started and excited about exercising!
     They are ALL FADS!!! So, WAKE-UP NURSES PASSIONATE ABOUT EXERCISE... Let's use this human nature 
     way of thinking to our advantage!!!   Let's create a WIN-WIN! for our clients and for ourselves!  
     Fitness principles remain the same; how to get you/your clients to do them... is what changes like your 
     Do you want to create and deliver your own 6-Week Body Makeover product? 
     How about a Jump Start Detox Program or even a specialty exercise video? 
     All will produce a Short Term Win (STW) that your clients WANT and will love! (so they come back & pay more...) 

    Yes?! Then you're in the right place so please READ ON...
"People don't change because what they know; 
people change because what they feel."

     ~Oprah Winfrey