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My philosophy is that people DON'T change from the inside out.  
It's noble, but doesn't work because of 2 simple words:

 Ego Defenses 

Truth is, people only make real CHANGE FROM THE OUTSIDE IN.*** 
Real change needs relating, inspiration & validation. 
People then need to "Act As If" - in other words, 
"Fake It; Till They Make It" with frequent Short Term Wins (STW).  
I make fun of some of these STW's,
at the same time people love doing them...

Here's the deal...

I EMBRACE FADS!!! FADS help you 
"fake it till you make it".

Fads get a bad rap in the "fantasy world of  
health & prevention" world; but without them, 
where would the fitness (business) industry be?  
Fads need fitness and 
fitness needs fads. Why?  
Newness and excitement.  
 We have to get their attention first!

Here's my latest "fad"...
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"People don't change because what they know; 
people change because what they feel."

     ~Oprah Winfrey
"Don't change your act; 
  change your audience" ~ Lisa Sasevich

  Well Lisa, I'm changing my audience! THANKS!

  Minky, The Joking Fitness Nurse,  
"In my comedy act, I promote 'body change'   
  from the outside in and then to 'Act as If' and  
  I deliver delightful experiences!!!"
 Want to get the attention of women over 50?!
  • Fitness Clubs Owners, Marketing Departments of Health Clubs  (Get more leads & sales) 
  • Evening Conferences (Get more "Butts in Seats") and
  •  Private Events & Parties (Be the 'all the rage' of the neighborhood)  
  • Looking to attract and entertain "body-conscious", "want-to-look/feel-better" women over 50 market.
"What organizations, audiences, businesses are you involved with 
 who can benefit from my experience/expertise?”​

My name is Lori ‘Minky’ Radcliffe. Or ‘Minky’, The Joking Fitness Nurse

After traveling as a stand-up comedienne, 
I began to accumulate many experiences through the years in health, fitness and in healthcare, 
I've done this stuff long enough to see the "what's old is new again" fitness/diet  programs come out... they have the nerve to say that their program is NOT a fad.  But it is.  I've seen it before - 22 years or 8 years earlier.
Give me a break! (I call a spade a spade)  So, 
FROM certifying personal trainers TO 
working out with seniors trying to stay out of the nursing home- 
FROM helping women lose 10 lbs. to get into “skinny jeans” TO 
caring for a woman after having her foot amputated from diabetes - 
I’ve heard/seen/tried a lot in these industries. It's time to lighten up and have some fun with it all! 
Yet, I truly empathize with an audience of ‘body-conscious’ women over 50 
who just want to feel/look better (Because I’m one of them).  

My ideal client is the business, organization or private event who markets to and 
wants to attract this audience of women to their 
private event, business or evening conference. 
hey have to be willing to step “out of the box” with 
their marketing/promotion and offer a 
temporary “Ladies Night” atmosphere at their event/business/conference. 
My ideal client who contracts with me to perform, starts out delighted, 
because I perform for NO FEE*. (Yes there is an asterisk)

I have collected many tips, treats and tid-bits over the years for this 
audience to take in and enjoy through my comedy act called, 
“Over 50 is NOT a DRAG! - 3 Steps to Stop Stuffing 10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. BAG!”
This performance will leave the audience with strategies they can use right away 
that decrease over stuffing in many aspects of their lives. 
They are shown waist shaping & waist reduction 
takeaways that work…FAST! 
Because they will laugh… they FEEL BETTER instantly!
The message I deliver ultimately relates, repeats and 
then reframes the audience’s view on fitness & health.
The outcome is “they feel good” and they are validated. 
(The NO Dicky-Do Diet is part of the presentation)
They want to tell people about you.  

When I perform, they (this audience) have connected with you and 
your business, event or conference. Buzz, leads and sales increase 
with a greater connection with this audience. 


I deliver in a comedic format. I am not a "humorist". 
This is straight up, Stand Up for adults only (18 and over):  

"Over 50 is NOT a DRAG! - 3 Steps to Stop Stuffing 10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. BAG!" (for women over 50)

Demonstration and audience participation required. 
(Not to exercise but to participate in examples)

Fitness Club Owners & Managers, Marketing departments

Want to bring something new to your fitness club? 
Are there "clicks" or groups of women you feel would 
come to an evening of laughing, listening and 
stress relieving, while discovering how 
to get the butt they want with your equipment and your personal trainers in house?
How about offering a "Ladies' Night" promotion in your Fitness Center/Club?

You will:
Get new member exposure because of incentives to "bring a friend" (prizes, drawing, etc.)
Get showcased in my act through the promotion of your fitness club 
and your trainers - this leads to increased interest ==> increased sales
Get happier, more excited members because you are seen as MORE resourceful and creative 
                                                                                      (not another same ol' club)

Your members will:

  • Discover the best time to work (outside the home) when you're on a diet
  • Discover how you can out train a "bad diet"
  • Discover the best way to make their change stick
  • They see the moves to get what they want in THEIR butt & gut 
          (utilizing your equipment & your staff)
  • Feel good about comfort foods that remind them of grandma
  • (Do you like deep fried chicken? Good. Me too.) 
  • Get a great ab workout for sure... from laughter! 
  • Create buzz about your place
          (demonstration included; some audience participation required)
  • Members WILL FEEL GOOD!  (Instant Gratification... which is what they want)

For Evening Conferences:
Get butt's in seats!
You know that people want to be secretly be entertained.  
Even though they know, they need to hear the lecture, 
presentation or awards ceremony, they are hoping for laughter.  
Why not give them what they want.  Someone they can expect 
to be funny and edgy in a way that will improve their health - YET - 
validate their resistance to change to healthier behaviors.  
I relate, then repeat, then reframe my comedy act jokes 
to satisfy their deep need to feel good about themselves.

For Private Parties (Bridal showers, Birthday Parties, Divorce Parties, etc.) OR - 
if you want a "theme" for your house party - 
Be "the envy" of the neighborhood and your friends...
I do what's called a Re-Invention PARTAY for women over 40 
who want to change the shape of their body and trim down their tummy. 
Yet, you'll want to taste my special deep fried chicken in special oil! (optional) 

For Nurses (audience) - "Stressed Out & Loving It!" - 
When I entertain nurses - This is a stress resistance section that I substitute in for some 
of the other "hard-core" fitness jokes. 
Due to the adult nature of the material and 
not inhibiting the performer (me), no contact hours** will be offered. 
Nurses should attend for comic relief and 
be motivated to do something for themselves; 
NOT motivated by contact hours. 
You'll never get the full effect of the presentation 
if you're there because the contact hours 
motivated you to show up.

The best venue for the presentation is where these 
women are are being celebrated, alcoholic beverages are optional, 
and they can be eating something sweet and/or savory and 
know that they can relax.

**You can get contact hours in a zillion nurse/healthcare sites and magazines.  
  Do this because you want to NOT because you have to.

Performances can be from a small gathering at a private home, 
to a group workout room to a stage during an evening conference. 
Also webinar and teleseminar formats are also available 
for distance presentations.

"When You're Laughing; You're Listening!" ~Minky
An early Minky logo drawing from my honey.  
A "Minky", according to the Urban Dictionary, is NOT a Cougar... but rather a particularly sexy woman over 50!
Speaking for No-Cost is always possible.  Arrangements can be made about speaking fees that you may want to collect for yourself.  Also assistance with promotion is available, if necessary. 
I'm here to help and have fun with you all!
If you want to talk more about me coming to your facility or event, please fill out this form below.  You will NOT be automatically put on an email list with this form.  This is an inquiry about my comedy act. I will respond within 24 hours or sooner.
For more speaking gig history CLICK HERE.

***A. Deutschman, Change or Die, 2007 (Concepts based on this wonderful book)
"The No Dicky-Do Diet" for hot women over 50 who want to help the men they love 


"Over 50 is NOT a DRAG! - 
3 Steps to Stop Stuffing 10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. BAG!"

This "Fad" is also the name of my comedy act. 

So, I figured with over 3 decades of breathing and shitting athletics, fitness, health, wellness, nursing, joking, dieting and living with mostly men all my life,

 I have nothing left to do but be willing to make a fool out of myself for you. I just love for people to laugh at me and with me. (Through laughing, I want you to relate to my jokes and we "start change from the outside in" (not the inside out that most people teach, preach, etc...)
... when that happens, and the audience can "act as if", then I've achieved my goal and the audience will move more and more effectively.)

(And when you listen anything's possible!)
"Over 50 is 
NOT a DRAG! - 
3 Steps to 
Stop Stuffing 
10 Lbs. 
in a 5 Lb. BAG!"
Minky's Comedy Act: